InfoQ: dotnet news articles for June - 2024, by me.

InfoQ: dotnet news articles for June - 2024, by me.

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As you know or don't know. I write for InfoQ, and I write a couple of news coverage articles per month.

I am part of the .NET Content editors' team and each month; we write and cover new and exciting stuff in the #dotnet development world.

Last month, June 2024, I wrote a couple of news articles. Maybe if you missed those topics or want to read more about the news from the .NET world, the URLs and short descriptions of the news items can be found in the list below:

ASP.NET Core 9 Preview 5: Static Web Optimization, Blazor Additions, New Project Template and More

Microsoft released .NET 9 Preview 5, introducing significant enhancements to ASP.NET Core. This update focuses on optimizing static web asset delivery and improving the Blazor Server reconnection experience, alongside new features for runtime detection of component render modes and various other improvements to the platform.

OpenAI Releases Official .NET Library

Last week, OpenAI unveiled the first beta version of its official .NET library, which is available as a NuGet package for .NET developers to try. This release follows Microsoft's announcement at the Build 2024 conference, highlighting their collaboration with OpenAI to enhance the .NET ecosystem with advanced AI capabilities.

MSTest 3.4 Release: Improved Analyzers, WinUI, Playwright and Aspire Support Added

Microsoft released a new version of MSTest, a testing framework for .NET. Version 3.4 introduces a couple of improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Key updates include improvements to MSTest.Analyzers, MSTest.Sdk, and MSTest.Runner, along with added support for WinUI applications.

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