InfoQ: dotnet news articles for January - 2024, by me.

InfoQ: dotnet news articles for January - 2024, by me.

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As you know or don't know. I write for InfoQ, and I write 3-4 news coverage articles per month.

I am part of the .NET Content editors' team and each month; we write and cover new and exciting stuff in the #dotnet development world.

Last month, January 2024, I wrote a couple of news articles. Maybe if you missed those topics or want to read more about the news from the .NET world, the URLs and short description to the news items can be found in the list below:

Visual Studio GitHub Copilot Extension Introduces New Features and Enhancements

The latest release of the Visual Studio GitHub Copilot Chat Extension introduces two noteworthy productivity features, slash commands and context variables. Additionally, developers can explore preview features like the Exception Assistant, Test failure Analysis, Suggestions for Breakpoint Expressions, Commit message suggestions and many more.

Microsoft Introduces New MSTest Runner: Portability, Reliability, Extensibility and More

Microsoft has introduced the MSTest Runner, a lightweight test runner designed specifically for MSTest tests. The primary goal of MSTest Runner is to enhance test portability, reliability, and speed while providing an extensible testing experience for users.

Microsoft Dev Proxy v0.14: OpenAPI Spec Generation, CRUD API Simulation and Many More

Last week Microsoft announced Dev Proxy v0.14.0, introducing several noteworthy features. Among the additions are the ability to combine rate limiting with mock responses, simplified OpenAPI spec generation, CRUD API simulation, improved macOS setup, easy access to Dev Proxy presets, enhanced mock structures, the introduction of JSON schemas, and various performance and stability improvements.

Visual Studio 2022 - 17.9 Preview 3 Brings All-in-One Search Improvements

Visual Studio 2022 17.9 Preview 3 introduces significant enhancements to the Code Search, also known as the All-In-One Search, feature. This update significantly improves the search experience, enabling users to explore any word or character string throughout their solution. Other changes are related to Xcode 15.1 support, additions to Microsoft Teams toolkit and other bug fixes.

NuGetSolver: Easier Dependency Conflicts Resolution in Visual Studio

In a collaborative effort with Microsoft Research, a new experimental Visual Studio extension, NuGetSolver, has been introduced this week. The goal behind the tool is to simplify resolving NuGet dependency conflicts in Visual Studio projects. This extension efficiently addresses common NuGet errors and warnings, helping developers to be more productive inside of VS.

Fluid Framework 2.0 Beta: SharedTree Distributed Data Structure and SharePoint Embedded

Microsoft announced, that Fluid Framework 2.0 has entered its Beta phase. The beta introduces the SharedTree Distributed Data Structure (DDS) for an intuitive programming interface supporting various data types, along with support for SharePoint Embedded, enabling developers to retain collaborative data within a Microsoft 365 tenant.

What's New in F# 8.0: Simpler, Enhanced Uniformity, and Improved Performance

Back in November, during the .NET Conf Microsoft released F# 8.0 as part of the .NET 8 release. The new version of F# brings in many features to make F# programs simpler, more uniform, and performant. The new features are related to language changes, improved diagnostics, quality-of-life improvements, and performance boosts for project compilation and upgrades.

Microsoft Announces AppCAT: Simplifying Azure Migration for .NET Apps

The Microsoft team has released a new tool called Azure Migrate application and code assessment tool for .NET (AppCAT). This tool is intended to help developers migrate on-premises .NET applications to Azure. AppCAT tool facilitates the assessment of .NET source code, configurations, and binaries, identifying potential issues and opportunities during the migration process to Azure.

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