InfoQ: dotnet news articles for February - 2024, by me.

InfoQ: dotnet news articles for February - 2024, by me.

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As you know or don't know. I write for InfoQ, and I write a couple of news coverage articles per month.

I am part of the .NET Content editors' team and each month; we write and cover new and exciting stuff in the #dotnet development world.

Last month, February 2024, I wrote a couple of news articles. Maybe if you missed those topics or want to read more about the news from the .NET world, the URLs and short description to the news items can be found in the list below:

Uno Platform 5.1 Release: Live Wizard, New UI Controls and Performance Improvements

Uno Platform released version 5.1, with the inclusion of a Solution Template Wizard for non-Visual Studio users. This highly requested feature has been extended to JetBrains Rider and VS Code users through the new LIVE Wizard version, which should simplify project setup steps. Other changes include Uno.Sdk for a smaller csproj footprint, three new controls and notable performance enhancements.

Microsoft Introduces Visual Studio Code Extension for SharePoint Embedded

Last week Microsoft released a preview release of SharePoint Embedded extension for Visual Studio Code. The extension enables developers to easily set up Azure Entra app registrations for SharePoint Embedded. It also helps manage free trial container types, create guest apps, load sample apps, and export settings for use with the SharePoint Embedded Postman Collection.

TLS 1.3 Preview Now Available in Azure API Management

Azure API Management is set to introduce TLS 1.3 support in its V1 and V2 tiers starting in the initial week of February 2024. According to Microsoft, the rollout will occur progressively across regions. Inbound traffic for both V1 and V2 tiers will inherently support TLS 1.3 for incoming requests from API clients.

.NET Aspire Preview 3: Expanded Component Support with Azure OpenAI, MySQL, CosmosDB, Kafka and More

Last week, Microsoft revealed the availability of the .NET Aspire - third preview. Preview 3 brings changes including UI improvements to the dashboard, and new component support for Azure OpenAI, Kafka, Oracle, MySQL, CosmosDB & Orleans, and many more.

NuGet 6.9 Released: dotnet Search Command Support and Visual Studio UI Multitargeting

In the latest release of NuGet version 6.9, developers can expect several new features and bug fixes which have been introduced. Among the key additions are enhancements to the multi-targeting experience within Visual Studio, and the incorporation of support for the dotnet search command.

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