I am Microsoft MVP... again (2024-2025)

I am Microsoft MVP... again (2024-2025)

It is the beginning of July and a very special day for every Microsoft MVP in this world. On this day most MVPs are waiting for results and an official email that will tell them if they are going to be awarded as Microsoft MVP for another (next) year.

My notification arrived a few hours ago and I am very happy about it.

Microsoft MVP award is something special for me, looking back on when I received an award for the first time I wrote this on my Facebook post:

With or without this award I would do the same and that is to share the knowledge with the community whenever I can.

And I stand behind these words 100%! I am very honored and thrilled that I've been awarded Microsoft MVP (again). For me, this is such a huge pleasure to be a part of this great community now for consecutive 6 years.

They said that it is not about the destination, it is about the journey and I completely agree with that, and this (my) journey surely continues with all the activities in my community.

I delivered the talk about .NET and Azure topics at different meetups and conferences like:

  • MS Community BiH Meetups
  • Developer Week (DWX)
  • NTK Conference
  • Advanced Technology Days
  • MS Community BiH Conference
  • NetWork Conference
  • European Cloud Summit
  • KulenDayz

A few highlights for last July, in March this year I started working at the run.events GmbH as Lead Solution Architect, and now I can say that I work with my two dear friends Adis and Mustafa, and with the rest of the team we are working on the most advanced event management platform in the world, run.events.

In May, I was promoted to the Lead Editor role at the .NET news queue at InfoQ and most of my articles are about .NET and so I am covering dotnet pretty much both online and offline. The plan is also to be more active here on my blog so stay tuned.

Also, I delivered a couple of training courses at local education institutions and companies and contributed to a couple of open-source projects.

I am also one of the MS Community BiH Meetup organizers so I am focusing more on that area as well. Still planning to deliver a couple of Dev-oriented meetups in the Sarajevo area each year.

One quote which I like to use is:

I will do my best to keep adding those discs to the MVP award statue as far as I have energy and the time... or until I get that blue badge... one day.

As always... I thank God ❤️, my future wife, my parents and brother, my dear colleagues, and my friends from this great community... thank you for all the support and help.

Here is the MVP kit from last year, until the 2025 award arrives.

You can find more info about the Microsoft MVP Award here, and you can see my public profile and all the activities here.

Wish you all the best and wish you lots of luck with coding! 👋